Medusa Mythology Exam

The International Competition For Mythology Enthusiasts

Last year, the Medusa Mythology Exam moved the mailing address; this year, the Exam is moving the testing dates. 

The exam's theme:  "Heracles--the 1st Avenger"

Testing weeks:  

November 30--December 4

December 7--December 11

December 14--December 18


PLEASE NOTE:  Last year's snow, coupled with mandatory state testing, was almost as deadly for Medusa as encountering Perseus.  In order to prevent further conflict, the new Medusa Mythology Exam dates will be the last week of November and the first two weeks of December (see dates given above).  Please check the registration form for registration information.  

Information:  The Medusa Exam is open to public, private, and home-school students.  Public or private school students must be in the 6th grade or higher; home-school students must be eleven years old.  Latin, English, and home-school teachers are encouraged to enroll their interested students!  While the exam has a different theme every year, the exam is always a 40-question, multiple-choice format, and students are allowed 40 minutes to complete the exam.  Teachers administer the exam during the last week of November (alternative dates are possible if your school's vacation is during this time frame).  

Registration:  Registration information and forms will be posted in late August.

Cost$5.00 per student plus a $15 school fee ($25 for Canadian schools, and $35 for international schools).

Administration:  Please see the Administration time line for information on administering the exam.  

Awards:  Corona Olivae and Corona Laurea certificates; bronze, silver, and gold medal awards with certificates.  

Contact cipolone@snip.net

Medusa Mythology Exam , P.O. Box 2020, Fairfax, VA  22031