Medusa Mythology Exam

The International Competition For Mythology Enthusiasts

The 2017 Exam theme is 

"Mythological Women:  Magnificent and Maleficent"

   Testing dates are November 27 through December 15, 2017

The 2017 registration form is posted on the "Registration and testing information" page.   

Information:  The Medusa Exam is open to public, private, and home-school students.  Public or private school students must be in the 6th grade or higher; home-school students must be eleven years old.  Latin, English, and home-school teachers are encouraged to enroll their interested students.

The Exam’s content rotates through a three-year theme cycle:
                   1st =   Olympians
                   2nd = Monsters and evil-doers
                   3rd =  Heroes

After the Exam committee picks a theme for the exam, the theme and a study guide are announced in March of the testing year.
  Because each Exam covers a specific topic from within the cycle, students who take the Exam for more than one year find that they build a deep knowledge of mythology.

While the exam has a different theme every year, the exam is always a 40-question, multiple-choice format, with three picture questions.  Students are given 40 minutes to complete the exam; teachers are allowed to administer the exam. 

Exam results are sent out in March.
  Five levels of awards are given:
                   Coronae Olivae (certificate)
                   Coronae Laurea (certificate)
                   Bronze (certificate with medal)
                   Silver (certificate with medal)
                   Gold (certificate with medal)

Registration:  Registration information and forms will be posted in August.

Cost$5.00 per student plus a $15 school fee ($25 for Canadian schools, and $35 for international schools).  Please advise your bookkeeper of the change of address for registrations.  The U.S. Post Office now charges a weekly fee for forwarding mail, and a portion of this charge will be passed on to all registrations that are forwarded to the correct address.

Administration:  Please see the Administration time line for information on administering the exam.  

Awards:  Corona Olivae and Corona Laurea certificates; Bronze, Silver, and Gold medal awards include certificates.  

FLORIDA MAILING ADDRESS:   Medusa Mythology Exam, P.O. Box 375, Tallahassee, FL  32302.  
                                                             N.B.:  DO NOT send any mail to any U.S. Post Office Box in Virginia. 

QuestionsContact cipolone@snip.net