Medusa Mythology Exam

The International Competition For Mythology Enthusiasts

The 2018 Exam theme is 

"Where Have All the Heroes Gone?"

   Testing dates are November 26 through December 14, 2018

The Study Guide will be posted on the web page by June 15, 2018.  The study guide will list the heroes and where they traveled.  There also will be links to www.theoi.com, which is a free website that contains more than 1,500 pages describing the Greek and Roman gods and mythological characters, with references and quotations from original authors.

The 2018 registration form will be posted on the "Registration and testing information" page the first week of August, 2018

Information:  The Medusa Exam is open to public, private, and home-school students.  Public or private school students must be in the 6th grade or higher; home-school students must be eleven years old.  Latin, English, and home-school teachers are encouraged to enroll their interested students.

The Exam’s content rotates through a three-year theme cycle: 
                   1st =   Olympians
                   2nd = Monsters and evil-doers
                   3rd =  Heroes

After the Exam committee picks a specific theme for the current year's exam, the theme and a study guide are announced in May of the testing year.

Because each Exam covers a specific topic from within the cycle, students who take the Exam for more than one year find that they build a deep knowledge of mythology.

While the exam has a different theme every year, the exam format always uses a 40-question, multiple-choice format, and three of the forty questions are picture questions.  Students are given 40 minutes to complete the exam; students' teachers are allowed to administer the exam. 

Exam results are sent out in March.
  Five levels of awards are given:
                   Coronae Olivae (certificate)
                   Coronae Laurea (certificate)
                   Bronze (certificate with medal)
                   Silver (certificate with medal)
                   Gold (certificate with medal)

Registration:  Registration information and forms will be posted the first week of August.


For schools within the United States:  $10 for one student, $5 for two or more students, plus  a $15 school  fee.

For schools within South America and Canada:  $10 for one student, $7 for two or more students, plus a $25 school fee.

For international schools:  $10 for all students, plus a $45 school fee.

Please double-check with your bookkeeper to make sure that your bookkeeper has the Florida Post Office box address.  Registrations received after the registration deadline will be charged a late fee no matter what the reason.

Florida mailing address:  Medusa Mythology Exam, P.O. Box 375, Tallahassee, FL  32302.  

Remember:  DO NOT send any mail to ANY U.S. Post Office Box in Virginia. 

Administration:  Please see the Administration time line for information on administering the exam.  

Awards:  Corona Olivae and Corona Laurea certificates; Bronze, Silver, and Gold medal awards include certificates.  

QuestionsContact dwinstan@gmail.com