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Homer Award (for any teacher or sponsor who gave the Exam)

This year’s topic:  "subiit deserta Creusa . . ." (Aen. II.562).   Vergil goes to great lengths to describe the deaths of so many of the Trojans, yet he abandons Creusa as callously as Aeneas did. In a story of 400- 500 words, describe the death of Creusa to fill in the gap between line 711 (Aeneas telling her to follow "longe") and line 772 (when her "infelix umbra" appears). Be sure to incorporate details from Book II of the Aeneid. Please write in English; poetry is welcomed.

Your entry MUST adhere to ALL of the following guidelines

  • The typed story must not exceed 450 words.
  • A randomly selected five-digit number of your own creation must appear at the top of your story.|
  • No other identifying information may appear on the story itself.  DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ANYWHERE ON THE STORY.

 The composition and this application must be e-mailed together by 11:59 pm, August 31, 2013.  

All questions, as well as completed Homer Award application, should be e-mailed directly to:

 Ann N. Graham
Medusa Exam Achievement Awards Coordinator

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