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2013 Achievement Award winners

The Medusa Mythology Exam Committee is proud to present the winners in its 2013 Achievement Award Program.  Achievement Award winners were required to submit a composition of no more than 450 words that addressed the topic, “Re-write an episode of the Trojan War to feature Zombies.” A student’s overall score in the competition included essay points, teacher recommendation, and Medusa test score.

Congratulations to the 2013 Achievement Award Winners:

$750 Minerva Award – Ariana (Tali) Higgins, Walton High School,
            Marietta, GA (Alan Farnsworth, Teacher)

$550 Apollo Award – Natasha Culbreth, Henderson Homeschool,
            Henderson, NV (Deborah McGill, Teacher)

$300 Nike Award – Carolyn Manion, Classical Cottage School,

            Front Royal, VA (Susan Schearer, Teacher)

$100 Musa Award – Muse Lee, Westridge School,

           Pasadina, CA (Hilary Eichelberger, Teacher)

$100 Musa Award – Chiayi (Sherry) Lee, W.T. Woodson High School,
            Fairfax, VA (Ariel Baska, Teacher)

$100 Musa Award – William Loner, University Liggett School,

            Harper Woods, MI (Elizabeth Hastie, Teacher)

$100 Musa Award- Frederick Muth, Loyola High School
            Manhattan Beach, CA (Teresa Kawamata, Teacher)

Each essay was read by a committee of classicists and creative writing instructors who scored it without seeing any information that could identify the writer or knowing what scores the other committee members had given it. 

Copies of the top essays are posted below. They appear as the students wrote them; we have not edited them for content or mechanics. All essays are reprinted with the permission of their respective authors.

Thanks to all students and teachers who participated in this year’s Achievement Awards Program.

The 2013 Medusa Mythology Exam Achievement Award prompt:

Oh no! Even the Medusa Mythology Exam has been infected by ZOMBIES. Take a scene from the Trojan War and inject zombies, and you can:
  • retell the exact episode with all the characters as zombies (e.g. zombie Greeks climb out of the horse and wreak havoc on Troy)
  • write a new part to an episode by having dead characters now be undead (e.g. Achilles' love for Penthesileia now is more like "Warm Bodies")
  • rewrite an episode with some characters as zombies and see how the story changes (e.g. Hector won't die... kind of changes things)
You must cite the episode you are using as your basis.

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Achievement Award entry No. 12743  27k v. 1 Jul 10, 2013, 11:27 AM Donna Winstanley
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Achievement Award entry No. 13131  27k v. 1 Jul 10, 2013, 11:26 AM Donna Winstanley
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Achievement Award entry No. 38891  27k v. 1 Jul 10, 2013, 11:26 AM Donna Winstanley