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Registration and testing information

 *Testing dates are November 27 through December  17, 2017.  The exam may be given at any time during this
   time frame.  However, the exam may only be given once and no students are allowed to take the exam at any
   time other than the the given time.  

 *If you have not received your testing packet by November 20, 2017, contact Clement Testing Service at

   Registrations and payments must be sent to the Tallahassee, FL
ORIDA, mailing address.
mail sent to any U.S. Post Office Box in Virginia will be returned to sender, and the Committee will not
 responsible for any delay in receiving your registration.

   N.B.:  It can take up to a month for 
registration to be returned to sender.

packets will be sent out in February 2018.  When wondering about your results packet, please take into
the time it takes for the involved in sending your results package from Northern Virginia to your
   school as well as the problems and delays that winter weather can create for UPS drivers.  

  *Score results and the answer key will be posted once the results packages have been sent out.

Contact Clement Testing Services @ clementtestingservice@verizon.net if you have not received a card confirming  your registration two weeks before your exam date.

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