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This year's theme . . .

The 2018 Exam theme is 

"Where have all the heroes gone?"

   Testing dates are November 26 through December 14, 2018  

Please note:

     *The study guide is intended to help the student prepare for the exam.  
     *There may be questions on the exam that are not covered in the study guide but do fit within the parameters of the topic.
     *Knowing more is always 
a good thing.
     *If a question refers to a specific version of a Classical story, the question will cite the Greek/Roman author.

For teachers worried about losing class time to cover the exam's curriculum

Teachers do not have to use class time to "teach" the exam's curriculum.  Generally, students who love mythology are a special group of students who are willing to study if they are given a specific focus (aka "the study guide).

Some teachers find 
that holding one after-school time a week (or once every two weeks) to give students a safe space to study for the exam, either with other students or by themselves, gives them an opportunity to enjoy reading about and learning about a topic they love.   If a teacher provides mythology books books (perhaps checked out from the library) and copies of the study guide, students will appreciate these efforts.

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